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The Secret to Prosperity in Any Economy

whiteareaThere are times in history that radically change the status quo. They upset your longer term goals and have a major impact on personal wealth. Those few who have a clear vision of what’s actually taking place and can gauge the effect on society well ahead of time come out on top. This has happened time and again—throughout history.

History rhymes. It’s never quite the same twice, but the cycles are readily apparent and predictable. They affect climate, the economy, health, social mood worldwide, and government. At certain times, these changes can be profound, changing lives. We’re going through one of these periods now—a true revolution.

The biggest lesson from history is that 99% of us pay absolutely no attention to it. Those that do and understand the ramifications of these periodic changes THRIVE!

We have the tools to use cyclical trends from the past and overprint them to today’s business environment. This knowledge gives you the certainty to make game-changing decisions when others only scratch their heads. It puts you way ahead of “the herd.”

Imagine knowing the market and business trends well ahead of time, whether the economy is going to contract or expand, or what industries are going to be hot (on not) for the next few decades …

Our programs give you that edge. They give you the foreknowledge to anticipate changes in things like real estate prices, the stock market, the value of money, whether to rent or buy, how to be prepared in times of turmoil, and how to take maximum advantage of “the good times!”

The Result: Prosperity in Any Economy
“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana
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Get an Edge on the Future!


Thrive Academy
Audience: Anyone who is concerned about the current economic environment and the potential effect on personal wealth.
Audience: Anyone who is concerned about the current economic environment and the potential effect on personal wealth.
Audience: Entrepreneurs who are concerned about the economic environment and want strategies for taking advantage of “uncertain” times
Protect Your Wealth!
Highly Predictive Cycles Impact These Key Areas:
Climate on Earth changes in predictable cycles of 25, 100, 515. and 1030 years.
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Global pandemics always break wide open when climate turns cold and dry and social mood negative.
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There are two major economic downturns each century and one large depression every 172 years.
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Social Mood
Social mood turns negative every 172 years and leads to major revolution.
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Weak leaders always take office at the top of an expansion cycle and get blamed for the following economic collapse.
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