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For the past twelve years, I’ve been predicting this dramatic downturn in both the stock market and the economy. In fact, I predicted the most recent turn down in the stock market in February of this year. There’s a secret to predicting the future: It’s knowing the past; it really does repeat! This webinar tells you what’s really happening in the world, where we’re going, and how to stay safe.

The Free webinar that will change your perspective on the future!

For many, these are uncertain times. For anyone that understands economic cycles, much less so. If you’re at all concerned about the future, this webinar should answer all your questions.

For the past twelve years, I’ve been predicting this dramatic downturn in both the stock market and the economy. In fact, I predicted the most recent turn down in the stock market in February of this year. There’s a secret to predicting the future: It’s knowing the past; it really does repeat!

History repeats in cycles. It doesn’t EXACTLY repeat; often we say “It rhymes.” But the cycles are consistent enough that you can predict changes in social mood, the economy, money, health, politics, and climate, among other things.

The problem is that these major downturn cycles don’t happen twice in a lifetime. The important ones span over a hundred years. History shows that there’s a major depression in every hundred year period. That happens to be the cycle we’re heading into — the depression cycles. This particular cycle is a large one, one that happens every 500 years (roughly).

If you understand how these cycles play out and why, you can adjust your business strategies and personal like to accommodate. In this webinar, I’m going to share with you the basics of cycles, what’s really going on in the world, and how to make sure you thrive in the coming downturn (that’s right … it’s not over — in fact, this downward cycle is just beginning).

If you know the rules, you can win at the cycles game! I’m going to show you what you can do to prepare for this cycle, one that’s played out over and over again throughout human history.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”George Santayana

“Thrive in the New Economy” is a one and a half hour webinar that’s designed to provide you with an overview of the forces at work in the world today, where the economy is going in the near and more distant future, and how to protect your wealth, health, and safety.

I’ll cover:

  1. What’s going on? —A broad look at what’s really going on in the world and an introduction to natural cycles.
  2. What governments aren’t telling you — Seldom do governments tell the truth about anything. The truth is, they’re all bankrupt. I’ll cover what that means to your future.
  3. The truth about money and banks — money is changing value and banks are mortgage-holders, basically. When mortgages fail, banks go under. You need to know the rules about banks and your money.
  4. Investing in the “new economy” — investing has changed dramatically. I’ll show you where the stock market is going.
  5. Real estate —  where prices are heading and what to do about it.
  6. What to expect going forward — a look ahead for the next ten years, based on history.
  7. How to prepare — I’ll explain what you can do to take advantage of the coming downturn. I’ll give you tips on safest places to live, how to protect your wealth and health, how to ensure you have enough of the right supplies (like water and food!), where climate is going, and paint a picture of what to expect going forward. You just don’t want to miss it!

I’ll also be introducing a new service that consists of a monthly newsletter, along with a series of videos on topics that include: understanding deflation, what businesses are best in a downturn, tips on how to keep costs down, what to do about real estate prices, and a whole lot more.

It’s time to learn about the future and what’s in store. If you know what’s coming, you’ll know how to prepare. Squirrels know! They’re always prepared for “winter.”


Know the Past. See the Future.

Peter Temple is the founder of World Cycles Institute. He has extensive experience in developing strategies to align with natural and man-made business cycles and the economy. He has facilitated growth for investors and businesses, has developed multiple teams, and consulted on high profile IPOs for Westjet Airlines, Pengrowth Management, Big Rock Breweries, Enerplus, ARC Financial and many more.

He’s the past executive director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, founded by Edward Dewey in 1841. Peter is also a speaker, market analyst, cycle expert and book writer. A member of Mensa International.

Feeding the Deflationary Spiral

Booms and Busts. Both are inevitable in our current fiat-money/debt-based financial system. There’s just no getting around it. It’s a system designed to pad the wallets of the banking community to the detriment of everyone else.

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”
President James Garfield, 1881.

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Winter is Coming

moneybomb-webWithin days now (end September, 2015), the market is likely going into another “free fall.” The problem around the world is debt. Even though your government is telling you everything is fine, it’s not.

Countries around the world have the largest debt levels in history. They’ve been able to do this because of the adoption of fiat currency in the 1970s (they disconnected currency from the gold standard). It used to be that you could exchange your dollar bills for gold. Now, currency isn’t backed by anything other than the government’s promise to pay. And governments around the world are bankrupt. That’s a BIG problem. [continue reading…]

The 18 Year Real Estate Cycle

The Eighteen Year Real Estate Cycle

dream-homewebPeople fall in love with having a “dream home,” and cost is usually secondary. They get into debt up to the eyeballs.

Really bad idea, particularly right now. That’s because we’re at the very top of the market. In fact, it’s a bubble … certainly in Canada (and Australia is close behind). The US had their housing bubble a few years ago … but the full extent of the downturn is still to be seen. [continue reading…]

All About Deflation

All About Deflation

DEBT: The word that will become the most reviled word in the English language. It is the source of all our problems. As more and more money goes to servicing the debt, less is left for the free services we all enjoy. In fact, governments have borrowed heavily to give their constituents everything they ask for so that, in turn, they vote their governments back into office.

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